About Croissant Clicker


Croissant Clicker

Do you like croissants? This game is for the fans of clicker games. It takes croissants as the main theme. As soon as you enter the game, you will see a big croissant in the middle of the screen. This bread is magical because it can make smaller croissants. One more thing, this game is endless, so you can play the game forever. Enter the game and create your favorite croissants.

Bake lots of croissants with a simple operation in Croissant Clicker game

The thing you need to do in this game is to buy items, That help improves croissant quality and productivity. You can even buy automatic hands. They will touch the big croissant automatically, so you don't even need to click. Don't forget to buy as many items as possible in the shop. The more you buy, the more you will improve the production process.

Furthermore, we will grow various plants in the space around the big croissants. In addition, you will also raise animals like pigs, cows, etc to get ingredients like meat, milk, etc. When planting these plants, you can click on them to get the product.

The problems you face

Be careful! Thieves can come and steal your croissants. You can't pay attention to them all day and night. Then let the guards help you solve this problem. It will cost you some money to hire them. They will help you protect your croissant and reduce the incidence of thieves.

Play the game without skill

This is an idle game, so you can even do other things while playing this game. You don't need skills in shooting, driving, or solving tricky puzzles. All you need is a device connected to the internet. This is not our only idle game. You can experience more Cookie Clicker.

Some things you can buy or sell in Croissant Clicker

  • Hand for autoclick
  • Chef: to increase quality of croissanta
  • Wheat: produce wheat which is one of main ingredients of croissants
  • Sugarcane: produce sugar
  • Grapevine: produce grapes to decorate the dish
  • Cow: give milk
  • Goat: give milk, butter and cheese
  • Factory: improve speed of production
  • Mines: increased the croissant quality to perfection
  • Store: sell your croissant
  • Manager: store operation, production process.

All objects in the the shop are useful for you. Therefore, you shouldn’t  sell them. Besides, the croissants you get from selling aren’t much. Specifically, you only recive 50% purchase price. That is only a suggestion. If you want to sell, just go a head. It’s up to you.

Delete the game data or save it in Croissant Clicker

In this game, you can delete all progress and restart the game by pressing the "reset" button. It is on the upper right corner of the screen. When you want to save, the game allows the game date is save automatically in the browser cache. Make sure you don't delete the cache. Then, you can continue this game on our witesite.

How to control

You can play the game with the left mouse or right mouse.

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How to play


At first, start playing the game by clicking on big Croissant to gain more and more Croissants. Earn a single croissant per click when you bake enough Croissant, and purchase a new hand to help you click automatics each period. The more you buy items upgrade, the more bread you can have each second.

A plan to buy an upgrade can help you save croissants and have more efficiency with each upgrade because the price can increase with each purchase.

This game was developed for the fan of the croissant and clicker games. We want to bring relaxation to you in your free time.

List upgrade items in the shop:

  • Hand: Auto click to big bread for bread currency. Each hand produces one piece of bread every 5 seconds. The first price is 15 cakes, an increase of 15% each time. Increase 0.20 cakes per second.
  • Chef: help to increase the quality of the bread. The first price is 150 cakes, an increase of 15% each time. Increase 1.0 cakes per second.
  • Wheat: Produce wheat every second (one of the main ingredients for making bread). The first price is 1100 cakes, an increase of 15% each time. Increase 8. 0 cakes per second.
  • Sugarcane: Produce Sugar every second (one ingredient of bread). Natural Sugar source, as a decorative finish for making cakes. The first price is 1150 cakes, an increase of 15% each time. Increase 8.40 cakes per second.
  • Grapevine: Growing Grapes every second (a decorative finish of the bread Manufacturing Process). The first price is 2,780 cakes, an increase of 15% each time. Increase 20.22 cakes per second.
  • Cow: Producing Milk every second. The first price is 13650 cakes, an increase of 15% each time. Increase 39.90 cakes per second.
  • Goat: Producing Milk, Butter, and Cheese every second. The first price is 15,049 cakes, an increase of 15% each time. Increase 43.99 cakes per second.
  • Thief: The Thief will steal your Bread every second. He'll be caught by clicking on him three times and receive the punishment of 5% of the Cake stolen.
    • There are trees and over 2000 cakes.
    • Appear one time after 5 minutes and disappear after 1 minute.
    • The current time will be equal to (protection number) + 5 minutes.
    • Currently appearing priority with items and without protection, when all floors are protected, randomly appear.
    • Lose 10% of total output per second.
  • Guard: With the protection of the Guard, the number of appears of Thief will decrease and enhance working performance. The first price is 175000 cakes, an increase of 20% each time. Increase 1% in total output per second.
  • Factory: Enhance the speed and performance of the bread manufacturing Process. The first price is 1500000 cakes, an increase of 20% each time. Increase 1,250 cakes per second.
  • Mines: Enhance the quality of bread to perfection. The first price is 21,559,000 cakes, an increase of 20% each time. Increase 7,500 cakes per second.
  • Store: Selling your Bread to all the World. The first price is 331,000,000 cakes, an increase of 25% each time. Increase 41,000,000 cakes per second.
  • Manager: Making your business bigger and bigger. The first price is 999,999,999 cakes, an increase of 30% each time. Increase 256,000,000 cakes per second.